The Presidential Elections in the US: Balance of Forces

Investors, economists, and political scientists are keeping a close eye on the US presidential race. The outcome will have a huge impact on all global markets. The election day is drawing near, and financial markets are getting fidgety, but nobody can predict the outcome of the vote with 100% certainty.

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What Is Biden Offering?

Joe Biden's campaign is emphasizing "an inclusive economy." The democratic candidate plans to raise the corporate income tax from 21% to 28% and drastically change the country's political course.

"Trump promised to make America great again; however, Trump's America is isolated. This country's reputation and influence around the world are at an all-time low. America is not safe, the economy is in crisis, while democracy and our values are under threat," was how Joe Biden opened his election address.

The Democrats are running a classic democratic election campaign. Emphasis is being put on improving the life of the middle class and make the rich pay more taxes.Polls show that for the moment Biden is ahead of Trump, but things can turn on a dime at any moment. Most analysts are convinced that if the democratic candidate wins, the market will see sustained 5% growth. Meanwhile, industry, insurance companies, and IT are going to see even more growth!

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How's Trump Doing?

During a public address in Minneapolis, the current US President mocked the DNC convention and pilloried Barack Obama's economy policy. According to the President, Joe Biden copied half the economic section of his own election campaigns.

"This is plagiarism. He just took this direct from my program. However, he won't be able to pull it off. But he likes to plagiarize other people's ideas," Trump said.

However, the current President does admit that both candidates have roughly equal chances. So he called on his electorate to be as responsible as possible, because for Trump, every vote counts. The President is not throwing in the towel, so currencies and stocks keep going crazy in the market, and traders keeping making money off price differences!

Trump or Biden

What do the experts predict?

Has American society supported Republicans or Democrats in the previous crises? Following the historical facts, who has got the biggest chance to win the election now? Watch the video from market analysts!

The First Presidential Debate

Donald Trump is not regarded as a good speaker. He's only participated in debates twice in his life: once with Hillary Clinton in 2019 and once with Joe Biden on September 29. And in this latest debate, Trump's tactic was to unhinge the opponent.

Trump was super aggressive during the debate. He was constantly interrupting both the moderator and Biden. On the whole, though, Trump talked essentially about the same issues as he did back in 2016. However, back then, he was not part of the establishment, and by critisizing Hillary Clinton, he was ultimately criticizing the way the Democrats had been running the country. Now things are different—Trump is the President. He's been President for four years, but he keeps behaving as if he was in the opposition rather than in the government.

Furthermore, Trump made a number of some very dubious statements. For example, he claimed that the development of a COVID-19 vaccine was a matter of days. Observers believe the current President lost the first debate. And once it ended, bookmakers reduced Trump's odds of winning the election.


Results So Far

Citigroup polled 140 US fund managers, and 62% of them said they preferred Biden.

At the moment, 45% of Americans say they'd vote for Trump, while 47% say they'd vote for Biden. Nevertheless, it should be noted that Trump's rating has gone up 3% over the past month. Meanwhile, Biden's popularity is waning. His rating's gone down 2% over the past month.

For the moment, neither candidate is leading in the polls by a large margin. The remaining four weeks are going to decide not only the fate of the US but that of financial markets as well. A team of Umarkets analysts is monitoring US news 24/7 and generating carefully verified and relevant forecasts. At webinars with our experts, you will get a detailed market review and a detailed step-by-step instruction for how to make a lot of money. Life streams are offered during and immediately after elections. Double your capital when the market makes sudden U-turns and continue to make money under normal conditions as well.

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